"Beyond the voice" Ashdod

“Beyond the Voice” Ashdod began in November, 2018. The choir consists of 22 singers, both with and without disabilities. The choir has rehearsals every Wednesday between 6:00-8:00PM.

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Shosh Saban

Shosh Saban married to Meir, lives in Ashdod. Likes to travel in Israel and the beach. Likes all types of music. It’s the first time she has tried to sing. The singing in the choir shows impressive musicality. The characters and voices add color to the choir. These are two hours of therapy for me.


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Avi Weisman

Avi Weisman, 57 years old from Ashdod. At age 8 I sang on the main stage of Ashdod in front of a large audience and since then in different frameworks, from synagogues and even bars. All of my life I worked as a drummer on darbuka with singers. I really like the special needs community and therefore I am part of Beyond a Voice

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